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Shiloh, NJImage of a map including Shiloh, NJ.

Swansea Vineyards is located in Shiloh, New Jersey, a small borough in Cumberland County which was founded on agriculture. Shiloh is known for its good people as well as for its beautiful fruit orchards, farms and nurseries and plentiful supply of fresh vegetables.

Swansea Vineyards honors the strength and determination of the founding mothers and fathers of this community, who celebrated freedom of choice and respected the rights of every individual long before those rights were protected under the United States Constitution.

The Swansea name honors the early settlers who migrated to the area from Massachusetts to enjoy religious freedom. Swansea, Massachusetts was first settled in 1663, and was named for Swansea, Wales which was the hometown of many of the original settlers. Soon after the town was settled, the first Baptist church in Massachusetts relocated there after experiencing religious intolerance from local Puritans. These Welsh Baptists played a prominent role in the early history of Shiloh, NJ.

In the late 1600ís, part of the Reverend John Myles' company from Swansea, Massachusetts came to the Cohansey settlement in Southern New Jersey. They built a log meeting house in the area of Bowentown, NJ, where they held organized church services, with the Reverend Timothy Brooks, Jr. serving as pastor. In 1718, many of these Seventh Day Baptists relocated to the tract of land now known as Shiloh, which was owned by Caleb Ayars. The name Shiloh was not given to the town until about 1771.

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